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Ink for iOS


Ink is a canvas for instantly capturing a rough sketch or back-of-a-napkin idea. The only features are smooth ink on soft paper with built-in sharing.

True to our philosophy: Feature number one should always be as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose.

It works on both iPhone and the iPad. Also, it is absolutely free.

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See here if you tapped "Don't Allow" to the camera question.

Pop for iOS


Pop is simply a convenient place for writing things down — that piece of paper you grab to write when you have an idea. It doesn't help you do anything smarter or more organized.

'Copy All' and 'Read' are the primary features, to make it easy to use your words or read uninterrupted. Anything else seems to add a little more noise, a little less focus. Sometimes you don't need more features.

The emphasis on Copy All and Paste your way out encourages quality and focus. If the words aren't worth a copy and paste, clear the page.

Version 2.0 now available!

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